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Expertise and Quality
I have been exporting printing machines and printing technology directly from Germany throughout the world for 25 years.

Germany is the worldwide largest and most important producer of print technology.

Our customers profit not only from the excellent quality of German machines, but also from the careful servicing of the machines before reselling.

We have a printing press on-site where printed matter can be produced. This makes it possible to illustrate up to speed printing technology as well as to demonstrate the assembly of a well structured printing press.

Machine Shop

The quality of our machines is tested

All machines are tested, cleaned, press-proofed and when necessary or desired serviced by specialists. We use original spare parts and can therefore guarantee the best quality.
All our distributed machines are from Germany and normally have only had one previous owner. Before buying we visit the press and check the machines. Only then, do we stock them.
The machines are always cleaned so that they not only function well but also look good.
But a machine that looks good does not mean it is ready for delivery. They are put through press-proofing so that the customer can see the print image of their newly bought printing machine.

Direct Sales
Inspection at
any time


A significant advantage of Bertram's Grafische Maschinen is our large stock.
All the machines in stock have been tested and are stored professionally.
This means our customers can come and browse the machines, and choose and buy the right one to fit their needs, as if they were in a department store. Of course the machines can be tested directly in our storehouse.
You can find our current stock of machines here:



BERTRAM Grafische Maschinen additionally offers competent and professional advice in the following areas. 
• Business Plans
• Construction and Technical prerequisits.
• Configuring machines -
assembly of suitable machines. 
• Advisory business monitoring
Additionally  we can provide
specialists for:
• assembly and installation of the
purchased machines
• Training of professionals
Professional business -
careful planning is the beginning


Printing Press
Current Printing Technology


As we not only deal in first class printing machines, but also produce on our on-site printing press, we know a lot about what is needed for a well-fitted printing press. This means we can demonstrate up to speed printing methods, as well as offering training. We are currently working in West Africa and have installed a lot of machines there, so based on our long term experience we can help you choose the optimal combination of machines for every project.

All of my customers are welcome to come to Berlin, not only to browse my stock, but also to see the beautiful city. It is of course possible to do all business on the telephone, via email, fax or letter, as many of my long-term customers do.


Worldwide Distribution
Safe Transportation


Transporting from Germany to the whole world means extensive knowledge of logistics and transport, customs and understanding of cargo.
The packaging and loading of the machines is supervised by experts who know about how best to transport the fragile cargo. All documents are filled out carefully, so that each machine reaches its owner safely. The size of the containers is arranged pre-transport and the space is used optimally. Professionals position the machines so that they arrive at the customer's safely, after the long sea and land route.



There are many aspects at the printing press installation stage which need to be taken into account.
The machine has to be adjusted professionally and the correct voltage has to be ensured. Factors such as climate and dust play a major role in long term quality assurance.Larger machines have to be reassembled. In which case we advise our customers on how to do this, or we provide professionals to install the machines.If required we also offer on-site training, as the proper use of a machine is just as important as the quality.


Customer Care


I try wherever possible to visit my customers, so that I can get to know their printing presses. I see this as necessary in order to co-operate in assisting the further development of the company and help lead them to success.

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